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Sunburst by hand – Michael Dresdner

Michael Dresdner

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Sunburst by hand

Q: I read somewhere that the first sunburst finishes were produced by hand. Can you describe how this was done?
A: I can and have. Many years ago (1983, if I recall) I described the process at length in an article for Vintage Guitar Bulletin. That piece later became part of a small book or booklet called Restoration Clinic, which sadly, is now out of print. Though it was written on computer, those were the days of large floppy disks, and I no longer have it on media or I would simply send it to you. It’s a bit long for a blog entry, but if there was enough call for it I could retype it onto more current computer media and post it somewhere. However, to be honest, you’re the first person to ask me how to do that in years. If your goal is more than idle curiosity, email me and I’ll make it available again.