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Pore filling’s best kept secret – Michael Dresdner

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Pore filling’s best kept secret

Q: I know that in USA you have three pore fillers: oil based, waterbased and clear filler. Here in Italy there are no such pore fillers. We have nitro pore filler sealer that is sprayed on, but the problem is that it does not fill
pores. It is impossible for me to order solvent based pore filler because they are flammable items and don’t ship overseas. I found one waterbased one that works great, but it is white, and I need to fill rosewood pores.

A: For the record, the clear fillers you mentioned are also waterbased, though admittedly some guitarmakers here in the US use clear crosslinking coatings, such as polyester or UV cured acrylics to fill pores. It’s often more labor intensive and may have to be sanded off instead of wiped, but it does work.

What you need, though, is simply to be pointed in the right direction. The product you want does exist, and can be shipped to you. Go to the www.timbermate.com website. They sell a waterbased filler made in Australia that can be shipped anywhere, as it has no solvent in it. You can reduce it to any consistency you like with water, and it comes in 21 colors, (yes, I said twenty one colors) including at least two dark enough for rosewood. If that’s not enough, you can also color it with almost any coloring medium, including acrylic artist colors.