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Onyx oak – Michael Dresdner

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Onyx oak

Q: I want to finish new oak plywood cabinets with onyx painted finish with an artistic sanding through on accent areas but I can’t get a smooth finish look. What do I need to use to get the smooth finish look?
A: You need pore filler. Oak is an open pore wood and the pores are, relatively speaking, huge. For that reason, we often eschew smooth finishes on oak, opting instead for so called open pore finishes. If you must finish oak with sealed pores and a smooth surface, the best way to do that is to fill the pores with pore filler, an inert putty like substance that dries to a solid. Once the pores are filled to the level of the wood, you can paint it and get a smooth surface. Before you ask, my favorite pore filler, and far and away the easiest to use, is Timbermate. http://www.timbermate.com/product_description