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Matching Martin

Q: I’m restoring a Martin guitar, and after staining, I added three very
light wash coats of 1lb. cut shellac. I’d like to strike the pores black
with Finishers Glaze seal with sanding sealer, fill pores with Bartley’s dark, seal and topcoat. Martin mahogany pores are darkened nicely. I’m trying to do it the right way.
A: I’m afraid you are doing it the hard way. The easy way is to stain the wood, preferably with water soluble dye, seal with one thin coat of SealCoat or dewaxed shellac, then fill the pores with a dark pore filler. There is no glaze on Martin guitars, and many were stained and filled in one step, on the raw wood, with staining pore filler. Keep it simple and you will have better results.